Why am I standing in this election?

For Hong Kong, full democracy and direct geographical elections must be the future.  Our generation must fully prepare ourselves for genuine universal suffrage.  We need LegCo members who can stand firm, and are not easily influenced by external pressures, in our continued pursuit for democracy in 2017 and 2020.  Meanwhile, many in the community still see the Legal representative in LegCo as the defender of our system and core values.  For so long as this seat exists, we need to firmly guard it against vested interests.

I believe the purpose of my journey, and of many others in my generation, is to build a fairer society, and to defend and protect our core values – to make them live on for Hong Kong, and for China.  I am aware that what makes the difference is not belief alone – but the courage to take action.  At this juncture, it is important for some in the younger generation to enter politics, in order to inject new energy into the political stalemate that is facing us in Hong Kong.  For these reasons, I have chosen to stand in this election and commit myself to Hong Kong politics for the long term.

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